Treinamento Acadêmico

Our team is high competent and know how to lead with academic issues that are usually compromised by a lack of communication and teamwork.

Services are available for groups (max. 20); 

Languages: English or Portuguese

Workshop 'Be confident!': -  This module is compulsory and a pre-requisite for any other package.

 1 1 day with 2 'basic' workshops and 1 'standard'
 2 2 days with 'basic' and 'standard' workshops
 3 3 dias with 'basic', 'standard' and/or 'premium'
Topics available for the 'Academic Workshops' (AW) by category. Choose the modules that fit your package option:

Basic module: 3h each;

· AW 1: 'Leadership, confidence and credibility in Academia';

· AW 2: 'Strategies for hosting visiting researchers in Universities: how to show confidence?';

. AW 3: 'Confidence for interviews:  be interesting!';

· AW 4: 'Social media: how to show confidence and credibility in your profile?';

· AW 5: 'Research abroad: challenges and confidence';

'Standard' module (1 day);

· AW 6: 'Confidence for academic events and networking';

· AW 7: 'Body Language in Academia: how our body shows your confidence?';

· AW 8: 'Confidence for transferring knowledge in a new research group';

· AW 9: 'Generating confidence in research projects at all scientific career stages';

· AW 10: 'Endnote: gain confidence and organise your ideas before write up';

'Premium' modules (2 days):

·  AW 11: EMI - English as a medium of instruction: how to generate confidence in the classroom?'

.  AW 12: 'Confidence for writing papers: improve your abilities in reading and critical thinking';

·  AW 13: 'Confidence on translating your collaborative research findings with impact'.

Our team also offers meetings for mentoring and/or advice for small groups: 2h for a group of 4 people or 'One -to-one coaching' - 1h individual mentoring or coaching (depending on the topic). 

The request needs to be approved by the administrative team CONFIDENCE.


Show us your interest!

If you are not a University group, and you want to attend our workshops, our team can build a group for you! Please select the options of your interest and we will contact you: