Treinamento Empresarial

Our team is high competent and know how to lead with team work issues that are usually compromised by a lack of communication and team work. We have strategies, tools, and knowledge necessary to develop the best solutions for your employees to work better as a group and individually.

Services are available for groups (max. 20): 

Languages: Portuguese or English.

Workshop: 'Be confident!' -  This module is compulsory to contract any other 'Professional Workshop'.

  • PACKAGES                      STRUCTURE                            
    1 1 day with 2 basic modules or 1 'standard' module
    2 2 days with basic modules and 'standard' modules
    3 3 days with basic modules, 'standard' and/or         'premium                                                                       

    Topics available for the professional workshops (PW) by category. Choose the ones that fit in your package:

'Basic' modules: 3h each.

. PW 1: 'Leadership, confidence and credibility in the corporate environment';

· PW 2: 'Strategies for hosting international visitors: how to show confidence?'

. PW 3: 'Confidence for interviews: be interesting!';

· PW 4: 'Social media: how to show confidence and credibility in your profile?';

'Standard' modules: 1 day.

· PW 5: 'Confidence for business meetings and networking;

· PW 6: 'Body language in the corporate environment: how your body shows your confidence?';

'Premium' modules: 2 days.

· PW 7: 'Communication skills and strategies in English for international visits';

. PW 8: 'Confidence for selling and promoting your produts: marketing strategies and NLP*';

* Neuro-Lingustic Programming.

. PW 9: 'Confident presentations in the corporate environment'.

Our team also offers the 'One-to-one coaching' service and meetings with smaller groups for counseling: 2h for a group of 4 (max.). Personalized topics to be approved by the CONFIDENCE team.



Show us your interest!

If you are not a Company group, and you want to attend our workshops, our team can build a group for you! Please select the options of your interest and we will contact you: