Directors and Supervisors


Executive Director and Funder - CONFIDENCE
  • Attending the 'Executive Coaching' training at the University of Cambridge - UK;  
  • Attending 'Profissão Coach' training in Brazil;
  • Consultant as a 'coach' for the British Council in the 'Researcher Connect' Project (experience in Brazil and Uruguay);
  • Brazil Officer of the University of Birmingham - UK;
  • Researcher and Lecturer of the Post-Graduate Programme at UNIP- Paulista University in the School of Dentistry, where she is responsible for the 'Internationalization of the Higher Education' course;
  • Co-supervisor and collaborator in research projects for MSc and PhDs at the post-graduate programme in Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry of ICT-UNESP;
  • Post-doctoral projects at the University of Birmingham-UK;
  • Fluent in English; French and Italian for collaboration and work environment;
  • Responsible for the course of Monography and Academic Writing at Trainings in Health;
  • Innovation Agent at the Science & Technology Ministry Portal;
  • PhD in Dentistry - Dental Materials - USP (Univeristy of São Paulo), with a period of training at the University of Manchester-UK
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering-UNESP-State of São Paulo University;
  • Dentist - UNESP - State of São Paulo University.
Managing Director - CONFIDENCE                                            
  • International experience with 'Benchmarking' visits in: the USA, Italy, Japan, Polony and Belgium;
  • Fluent in English; Spanish and Japanese for working environment;
  • MBA in Project Management by FGV-Faculdade Getúlio Vargas;
  • Specialist in Welding by UNIMEP;
  • International Welding Engineer by the International Institute of Welding;
  • Mechanical Engineer with enphasis in Materials Processing by UNESP-Guaratinguetá;
  • Welding Inspector by the American Welding Society;
  • Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor in a Multinational for building equipments.   
Managing Supervisor - CONFIDENCE
  • MBA in Organizational Communication and Post-Graduate in Corporative Management by the Bandeirante University of São Paulo;
  • Funder and Owner of 'Tradupoints - Tradução e Texto';
  • Proficiency in English by the University of Cambridge-UK;
  • Attending an Specialization Course in English Translation at Estácio de Sá-Brazil;
  • Teacher with abilitation in Translation and Conference Interpreatation Portuguese/English by UNIBERO;
  • Mediator and translator of symposiums in Education and Business;
  • High School concluded at Holland Park State High School em Brisbane, Austrália.
Academic Supervisor - CONFIDENCE

  • MSc in Educational Technology by FAAP-Brazil;
  • Specialist in Higher Education Teaching-Bandeirante University of São Paulo;
  • Experience as a responsible for 'Higher Education Teaching' and 'Academic Writing' at the Post-Graduate Programme of ICT-UNESP;
  • Experience with talks and formulation of new courses in Health
  • Responsible for Bioethics in courses and trainings in Health;
  • Experience with Teology and Science History;
  • Reader by ICT-UNESP;
  • Head of the Operative Dentistry department of ICT-UNESP for many years;
  • Past Vice-director and director of ICT-UNESP;
  • Specialist in Restorative Dentistry;
  • MSc by the University of São Paulo-USP;
  • Dentist by UNESP.